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FIAT’s New Global Game

In a constantly changing global mobility market, FIAT is taking a bold step towards a new global game. As the world navigates the complexities of sustainable transportation, FIAT is proving that the future is already here with the unveiling of its new family of Panda-inspired concepts.

In a constantly changing global mobility market, there are those who dream about a better future and those who take concrete steps towards a more sustainable and responsible tomorrow. FIAT has proved that the future is already here with the unveiling of its new family of Panda-inspired concepts.

Futuristic FIAT

The brand plans to reveal its first new product in July of next year, and then launch a new vehicle annually until 2027. The company has designed this new set of models to conquer the streets of the world and complete its line-up. Thanks to Stellantis, FIAT has access to a new global platform on which it has added its distinctive brand of Italian creativity: a recipe combining beauty and simple solutions.

Olivier Francois, FIAT CEO and Stellantis Global CMO, announced the new global game today in a video available at this link. He presented the Brand’s forthcoming launches from Italy’s very own “Geneva” using a cheerful Panda, the model that has played a big part in the way we experience the automobile for more than forty years. This symbol of Italian creativity has inspired the new family of concepts.

“FIAT is a global brand with 1.3 million cars sold last year and solid leadership in many parts of the world. We are in a global game, and our next step will be to transition from local products to a global offer that can benefit all of our customers everywhere in the world. We are excited to share this glimpse into our future, a very near future, actually, since the first car will be presented in 4 months during the brand’s 125th-anniversary celebration. That car will then be followed by one new model every year.”

Olivier Francois
FIAT new global game. Oliver Francois

Redefining Automotive Excellence

The company will use a single global platform to manufacture new models on a local relevance basis, ensuring that wherever the models are created, they can be produced and delivered to customers worldwide. Additionally, the new cars will adhere to the philosophy that functionality should never exist without fun, and the unique multi-energy platform will enable the next FIAT models to feature all types of powertrain, including electric, hybrid, and ICE. Furthermore, the new family will feature an efficient use of space together with sustainable materials. Each of the new models will be a unique and original interpretation of the inclusive, accessible, and ingenious spirit that has allowed the brand to create vehicles with modular interiors, unique looks, and bold personalities.

FIAT is actively taking on the challenge of producing more sustainable and affordable cars with its “less is more” approach. The company is removing redundant parts and reducing polluting materials such as chrome, alloys, leather, and the foams in seats. Additionally, there is a renewed focus on aerodynamic performance, as can be seen in the fastback concept. FIAT’s Italian ingenuity is evident in its emphasis on the “modularity” inherent in its transversal platform and shared use of up to 80% common parts depending on the models—such as the interiors. These efforts result in more efficient manufacturing and benefits for customers, such as affordability and distinctiveness.

City Car

The first concept in the video is the new City Car. FIAT’s designers drew inspiration from the iconic Lingotto building in Turin, known for its rooftop test track, to create a new design language for a “Mega-Panda” that would be even larger than the current model. The design incorporates structural lightness, space optimization, and brightness, all features found in the Lingotto building. Meanwhile, the oval shape of the “La Pista 500” track on the roof made its mark on some of the aspects of the new model’s interiors: from the dashboard to the display and seats.

Moreover, FIAT is putting a special emphasis on the use of sustainable materials, including recycled plastics and bamboo fabrics. The brand also aims to remove some of the barriers to more sustainable mobility, including making plugging and unplugging easier with a “self-winding cable”. The high driving position and robust design make this city car the perfect ally for customers all over the world, especially in crowded urban environments. But, at the same time, it offers roominess and versatility for family weekend trips and holidays.


The pick-up is the second concept which appears in the video. FIAT is the market leader in South America, and the Strada pick-up is the bestselling vehicle on the Brazilian market. Moving forward, FIAT is certain that this type of vehicle can replicate its success at a global level, even in Europe. FIAT’s new pick-up concept puts really fun into functionality and responds to the global rediscovery of free time as a value for people. Fun and practicality are sure to spread throughout the world with this model. This vehicle blends the concept of a pick-up with the functionality of an LCV and the comfort of an SUV in a size that is suitable to urban environments all over the world. Outdoor activities are more than hobbies, and this pick-up is perfectly designed to get the most out of one’s lifestyle.

FIAT new global game. Pick-Up


An heir to two of the Brand’s biggest hits—the Fiat Fastback in Brazil and the Fiat Tipo in the Middle East and Africa— this fastback aims to follow in their footsteps and establish itself at a global level in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and even Europe. This concept is made on the same modular platform and features a sporty flair. The Fastback is proof that FIAT could improve its sustainable commitment without giving up on performance: the dynamism of the silhouette and the really aerodynamic performance offer lower consumption and additional modernity and youthfulness than many SUVs.


The fourth concept in the video is a spacious family SUV, a sort of “Giga-Panda”. In line with FIAT’s role as a pioneer of accessible, innovative, and sustainable mobility, the vehicle is yet another confirmation of the special emphasis the brand is putting on the needs of family transport.
FIAT’s SUV concept meets customers’ ultimate needs in terms of safety, versatility, and design, bringing roominess and robustness to families all over the world.


The last concept presented is the ultimate do-it-all vehicle, as it features the new Dolce Vita style and reconnects people to each other and nature. This concept pays homage to the “Fun-ctionality” of the Panda from the 80s, recalling the versatility of a car that was made for the city with the features of an SUV and the soul of a trusty companion.

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